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So, instead of lorem ipsum text I decide to put some nice art here.
You can take a look at paintings by one of my favorites Croatian naïve artist, Ivan Rabuzin. Enjoy the magic.

Find out more about Ivan Rabuzin – Croatian naïve artist.

If you google, you can find out many articles about Ivan Rabuzin and images of his paintings.
Here is link to Rabuzin Fine Art – portal run by Ivan Rabuzin’s grandchildren and their families.

Next text is taken from www.rabuzingallery.com :

Ivan Rabuzin (1921 – 2008)

Rabuzin was born in the village Kljuc, near Novi Marof, Croatia. He trained as a carpenter and cabinet maker in Zagreb and by 1950 became a foreman in a furniture factory in Novi Marof. During this time he was spending his free time creating drawings and paintings of his native country site.

By 1956 his works were shown in his first one-man show in his village.

In 1958, Rabuzin won first prize at the Federal Exhibition of Yugoslav Amateur Painters at Zagreb.

His second one-man show was held at the Gallery of Naïve Art in Zagreb.

This marked the start of his incredibly productive career and …

Image gallery of Ivan Rabuzin’s paintings